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Branch by Tribu

 TRIBU 2013 branch02copy

Branch is made in polypopylene reinforces with glassfiber

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branch liten
Branch Armchair 4 linen
7618, Armchair
Branch sidechair white 3D shd2
7610, Side Chair
Branch roundtable wengé shd
7660/7661/7662, Bistro Table Round

Available with aluminium,
and teak top

7660: Ø80 cm

7661: Ø70 cm

7662: Ø125 cm 

Branch sqtable Linen shd
7670/7671, Bistro Table Square

Available with aluminium,
granite and teak top

7670: 90x90 cm

7671: 80x80 cm

7680-7687/7690-7693, Drops Side Table

Available with aluminium,
and teak top

H27 Ø50/60/70/85

H35 Ø50/60/70/85 

H43 Ø50/60/70/85


7612, Beach Chair
7640, Adjustable Lounger


7688/7689, Low rectangular table

Available with aluminium, granite and teak top

7688: H27 153x79

7689: H35 153x79

Branch table3m Wengé shd
7652/7654, Dining Table

Available with aluminium and teak top

7652: 210x98

7654: 300x110