Kontakta oss

Squat by Manutti

idm fu sq 3 1354788780

Squat is made in black powdercoated Stainless steel or EP stainless steel with nautic fabric.

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liten squat essliten
isd fu sq st1s t11 1356005883 
ST1S, 1S
isd fu sq fs-ch32-79 
CH32, Chair
isd fu sq stfl c79 
STFL, Large Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu sq stfm t11 1356005989 
STFM, Medium Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu sq stls c79 
STLS, Left Sea
isd fu sq strs t11 1356006026 
STRS, Right Seat
isd fu sq stmsl c79 
STMSL, Large Middle Seat
isd fu sq stmss t11 1356006033
STMSS, Small Middle Seat
 isd fu sq stdls c79
STDLS, Left Corner Double Seat
isd fu sq stdrs t11 1356005905 
STDRS, Right Corner Double Seat
isd fu sq stcs c79 
STCS, Corner
isd ta tr tip-up-2-F10-open 
Trento Tip-up 2
isd ta tr tip-up-3-sts-open CES 
Trento Tip-up 3
isd ta tr tip-up-4-f8-open CES 
Trento Tip-up 4