Kontakta oss

Fuse by Manutti

 imd fu fu 18

Fuse is made in Powdercoated Aluminium.

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isd fu fu fs-fe1s-f8-c
FE1S, 1S
isd fu fu fs-fecs-f10-c-38
FECS, Corner
isd fu fu fs-fecbl-f10-open
FECBL, Cushionbox
isd fu fu fs-fefl-f8-c
FEFL, Large Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu fu fs-fefm-f10-g
FEFM, Medium Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu fu fs-femsl-f10-c
FEMSL, Large Middle Seat
isd fu fu fs-femss-f8-c
FEMSS, Small Middle Seat
isd fu fu fs-lo55-f8-c
FELO, Lounger
isd fu fu fs-fers-f10-c-white sand
FERS, Right Seat
isd fu fu fs-fels-f8-c
FELS, Left Seat
isd fu fu fs-ct88-f8-g
CT88, Sidetable
isd fu fu be02 f10
BE45, Bench
isd ta fu-DTR-F8 155 teak-2 
Round dining table
isd ta fu-diningtable-f10 CEG-2 
Rectangular dining table
isd fu fu be01 f8 
BE300, Bench