Kontakta oss

Mood by Manutti

 imd fu mo 14

Mood has a EP stainless steel or powdercoated stainless steel frame with cord wicker.

For bigger picture and measurements click the images.

isd fu mo fs-1s39-26-c
1S39, 1S
isd fu mo fs-bs64-31-c
BS64, Barstool
Also H: 91 cm
isd fu mo fs-lo56-90-c
LO54, Lounger
Only in EP stainless steel
isd fu mo fs-ch29-44 F10 C-2
CH29, Chair
isd fu mo fs-ct89 glw
CT89, Coffee Table
isd fu mo fs-ct90 F10 GLT-2
CT90, Coffee Table
isd fu mo fs-lt03
LT03, Lounge Table
isd fu mo fs-lt04 F10 GLB-2
LT04, Lounge Table