Kontakta oss

Aspen by Manutti

imd fu as 14

Aspen is made in cord wicker.

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isd fu as fs-cc1s-31
CC1S, Cord 1S
isd fu as fs-ccls-23
CCLS, Cord Left Seat
isd fu as fs-ccrs-23
CCRS, Cord Right Seat
isd fu as fs-cccs-23
CCCS, Cord Corner
isd fu as fs-ccmss-90
CCMSS, Cord Small Middle Seat
isd fu as fs-ccmsl-31
CCMSL, Cord Large Middle Seat
isd fu as fs-cclo-90
CCLO, Cord Lounger
isd fu as fs-ccfs-31
CCFS, Cord Small Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu as fs-ccfm-23
CCFM, Cord Medium Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu as fs-ccfl-90
CCFL, Cord Large Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu as fs-cccbl-31
CCCBS(Small) /CCCBL(Large), Cord Cushion Box