Kontakta oss

San diego by Manutti

imd fu sd 10
imd fu sd 042

San diego is made in Cord Wicker.

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sandiego liten
isd fu sd fs-ch19-84
CH19, Cord Chair
isd fu sd fs-ch28-84
CH28, Cord Round Chair
isd fu sd fs-ch23-84
CH23, Cord Wing Chair
isd fu sd fs-1s35-84
1S35, Cord 1S
isd fu sd fs-sb04-84
SB04, Cord Sunbed/Large Coffee Table
isd fu sd lounger-84-open-c
SDLO, Cord Lounger
isd fu sd fs-sdls-84
SDLS, Cord Left Seat
isd fu sd fs-sdrs-84
SDRS, Cord Right Seat
isd fu sd fs-sdcs-84
SDCS, Cord Corner
isd fu sd fs-sdmss-84
SDMSS, Cord Small Middle Seat
isd fu sd fs-sdmsl-84
SDMSL, Cord Large Middle Seat
isd fu sd fs-fr80s-84
FR80S, Cord Small Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu sd fs-fr80m-84
FR80M, Cord Medium Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu sd fs-sdfl-84
SDFL, Cord Large Footstool/Sidetable
isd fu sd fs-co01-84
CO01, Cord Console
isd fu sd fs-2s96-84 
2S96, Cord 2,5S